ADSLNet Navigation Tools


All kinds of tools for your ADSL conection


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Since the ADSL connection was installed in your country, millions of users have taken part in this new technological advance that guarantees more speed and efficiency in internet activities.

But if you don´t know too much about this, more than once you must have missed an application that can answer your questions and that will help you to do some simple tasks is the quickest way. ADSLNet Navigation Tools is the solution.

This complete tool kit will answer the commonest questions regarding ADSL and will help you to do things like:

- Scan open ports

- Know the speed of your connection

- Optimize the use of eMule

- Know your public IP and DNS ranges

- Prepare a measurement ranking

- Know who is connected with the same connection

- Monitor the IP and send it per e-mail

Furthermore, the program includes a tool to fight against spywares and intruders in general.
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